Please see below a number of frequently asked questions, if the answer you are looking for is not contained below please contact us  & we will be happy to answer your enquiry.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Do you accept local authority, council or school orders?

Can you bill my sponsor directly?

Can I amend my order once placed?

Roughly, how much is a kit?

Can I order over the phone?

I am part of a large club, how can you provide us with the service & price we need?

How do I wash garments I have purchased?

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Can you supply a sample garment?

How much is delivery & how long will delivery take?

How can I pay for my order?

Do you deliver outside the UK? Yes. We can deliver to mainland Europe for very reasonable rates & have seen a huge increase in purchases from Europe & other worldwide locations. When you checkout you can select your country from the dropdown list & this will calculate your delivery costs for you. We reserve the right to review these prices & on occasion shipping costs may be more depending on weight & volume of the delivery, but it is rare that the original price would be changed. If you require any further information please contact our sales dept.

Deliveries to mainland Europe take approximately 2-4 days, depending on the country we are delivering to. This is in addition to the delivery times quoted. Deliveries outside of Europe take approx 5-10 days depending on the country in question. We are not liable for any customs or duty charges imposed when the parcel arrives in the destination country, some countries impose their own tax on imports - for more information please contact sales.

Do you accept local authority, council or school orders?  Yes. We have a large database on this type of purchase. We do require an official order number or purchase order in every case but this process is very simple & straightforward. Contact sales to order & the representative will assist you.

Can you bill my sponsor directly? We can liaise with your sponsor directly to ensure the sponsor can claim back any VAT on the order & account for the order correctly. This is something we provide on a regular basis, please contact Sales for assistance.

Can I amend my order once placed? We have a system in place to minimise the delivery time to you & strongly recommend that all orders are reviewed & confirmed before placing. If you do need to amend your order then please contact the sales member who placed your order immediately. Any amendments will often lead to delays in delivery & whilst we endeavour to avoid any charges, on occasion this cannot be avoided. Online orders that require amendments should be notified by reply email to the order confirmation received.

Roughly, how much is a kit? We feel that we can offer options that suit every budget. With prices starting for a full kit with printing from as little as £150, we believe that despite what might be the smallest budget we can help. If you have a particular amount to spend it may be easier to email or call us.

Can I order over the phone? Yes. We have a sales team that are available to receive your orders & enquiries between Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm & Saturday 9am-12pm. Telephones are answered until 5pm midweek & 11.30am on Saturday.

I am part of a large club, how can you provide us with the service & price we need? Club Accounts; We have a number a clubs & organisations that have been loyal to us over the recent years, we have a club account status that includes a select number of customers who receive extra incentives & benefits aswell as a registered discount for all orders placed regardless of value. All account holders also receive their own account manager to assist with their requirements. This account status is subject to terms, conditions & approval.

If you wish to contact us regarding opening a club account with us please contact us.

How do I wash garments I have purchased? All garments are made using high quality materials under strict quality control conditions. It should be noted that most fabrics discolour due to staining by substances such as mud and grass which may not be entirely removed by washing.
We recommend removing as much mud from the garment as possible before soaking/washing. Follow detergent manufacturers’ instructions particularly with powders/liquids designed for heavy stains. Avoid products containing chlorine bleach that may damage fabrics, trims and decoration.
Soaking garments in water and detergent as soon as possible can reduce discolouration. Use at least an equal amount of water by volume to that of the garment being soaked/washed. Make sure all parts are fully immersed. Pale kits such as White, Yellow, Sky and Tangerine may require more attention and the use of prewash soakers will assist in the removal of stains.
Do not overfill the washing machine with garments if the ratio of water to garments is too small, dirt can easily be re-deposited. This can stain all the garments grey.
We do not recommend fabric conditioners on jerseys and shorts which may cause a build up of film on fibres. This can prevent the washing process from penetrating filaments and dislodging dirt. However, socks will benefit from fabric conditioners and softners.
Pro-Active do not accept liability for discolouration or damage to garments which is attributable to staining caused by elements foreign to the materials used in manufacture.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order? We stand by the products and services we provide, but from time to time you may experience a fault or problems with your order. Each return is dealt with individually and in all cases please telephone the sales office to notify them of the problem.
Shortages on deliveries should be notified within 10 days of receiving your delivery. The packing note that comes with the parcel shows an itemised listing of the contents & any omissions in the delivery.

Can you supply a sample garment? A sample service is available for you to inspect the quality of garments and you can also use this to ensure you are purchasing the correct sizes.
This is a FREE service but we will require a deposit for the garment(s) to be supplied. Once the garment is returned to us we will refund you for the item providing the item is returned within 14 days & is in the same condition as to which you received it.
The sending of samples is at the discretion of Proactive Teamwear Ltd. We may sometimes substitute colours/styles on certain samples, we assume that most samples are required for sizing & therefore style/colour is irrelevant. We do this to avoid having to order specific items from our suppliers therefore avoiding any delays. We do not supply shorts & socks as samples for hygiene reasons.

How much is delivery & how long will delivery take? We are contracted with City Link for our larger deliveries, which can be made to residential or commercial addresses. They will require a signature at the point of delivery so you will need to ensure somebody is available to sign for your delivery at the delivery address. We may in some cases use Royal Mail for smaller deliveries under £50 in value.

Shipping Costs




Delivery Time  

* subject to stock availability. Please allow additional time during peak times.

How can I pay for my order? We accept club, personal or company cheques and all major high street credit and debit cards. We reserve the right to charge a 2% levy on credit card transactions for orders placed via phone/email. There is no charge for paying with a debit card for orders placed over phone/email. 

We accept paypal payments.

Cheques made payable to PROACTIVE TEAMWEAR LTD.
It is not recommended you send cash through the post.
Bank Transfers can also be arranged, please contact us to discuss this.