Precision Training Speed Agility Sports Equipment

Our training aid & equipment partner Precision Training offer a large range of products for all sports.

Football Training Aids  & Equipment  previously used only by top football teams have now become an essential piece of what makes an adult or junior soccer team  perform.

Initially Proactive Teamwear Ltd  sold a small range of items provided to us by Precision Training  – who at the time had identified a market that was being neglected – football teams , junior soccer clubs , gym clubs , schools , colleges  & universities  that want to develop & improve their players  & members core strength , stamina , speed , agility  & balance  whilst keeping training fun & safe.

The initial range included space markers , sports markers , training mesh bibs , passing arcs , slalom poles  & speed ladders .

The range then increased to include a great range of training footballs , match footballs , indoor footballs  & skill balls . Discounted training aids , footballs  & equipmen t then became synonymous with Precision Training  & the range has increased its market share year on year. Proactive Teamwear Ltd  have worked closely with Precision Training  to help them promote, develop & tailor their range of products to suit their core market of junior & senior football teams  & clubs.

More recent additions to the discounted range of training kit  include; Free Kick Men , Sequencing Discs , Plyometric Hurdles , goalkeeper gloves , speed parachute , evasion belts .

We stock a large range of Precision Training match day & training accessories ; all at discounted rates  & in stock  ready to be delivered in 1-2 days for free!

These items include football ball pumps , linesman’s flags , corner flags , corner posts , stop watches , whistles  & more.

Precision Training  also offer a great range of medical kits  which are all FA approved  to use in association football  in the UK. The range includes full medi kits , full junior medical kits , smaller first aid kits , zinc oxide tape , ice & heat sprays .

The addition in the last two years of the Pro-Coach range  gives sports coaches the opportunity to use Precision Training products  as part of their daily or weekly routine to help them organise & develop players effectively. This range includes coaches notepads , scouts notepad , club planner , match day planners , tactic boards , coaches folders . The range of sports covered by this Precision Training Pro-Coach Range  includes Rugby , Hockey , Netball  & Football .

Precision Training  now has a number of partnerships with professional sports clubs , leagues  & associations including the Football League Trust , Aston Villa FC , Leeds United FC , Leicester  Hockey Club & Nottinghamshire County  Cricket Club .